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National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC)

Service or Branch: Army

Location: Charlottesville, VA

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STEM Fields: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer and Computational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics

The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) provides all Source and Geospatial Intelligence on foreign ground force capabilities and related military technologies and integrates with Mission Partners to ensure the U.S. Army, DoD, Joint, and National level decision makers maintain decision advantage to protect the U.S. and interests abroad. Our Workforce: Our diverse workforce includes civilians, active duty and reserve U.S. Army personnel, and contractor employees. At NGIC, we employ highly skilled specialists, such as analysts, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, in diverse fields from aeronautics to robotics. In addition, we employ modelers, simulation experts, and other technical specialists who evaluate the capabilities and performance data on virtually every weapons system, including chemical and biological weapons and future weapons concepts, used by foreign ground forces.