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U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center - Geospatial Research Laboratory (ERDC-GRL)

Service or Branch: Army

Location: Alexandria, VA

ERDC-GRL Website

STEM Fields: Biosciences, Civil Engineering, Computer and Computational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research, Physics

{formerly the Topographic Engineering Center}

Current work includes:
Fluorescence; Geographic Information Systems; Geospatial Data Generation and Management; Remote Sensing/Image Analysis; Terrain Reasoning & Awareness; Geospatial Enterprise Technologies; Geospatial Net-Centric Experimentation; Modeling and Mapping Complex Social Systems; Spatio-Temporal Reasoning and Numerical Analysis

Example of current and future projects:
1) R&D efforts using spatial and spatio-temporal information and statistics to discover patterns at multiple resolution scales and ordered or partially ordered patterns in space and time; improve spatio-temporal compression for elevation data and other large datasets; improve data clustering; and develop a large hierarchical decision tool to combine multiple sources of information such as sensors, cultural information, and breaking events through text mining.
2) R&D efforts towards geospatially networked sensors. These sensors fit into a mesh network being developed in-house and will allow for multiple sensory applications for surface water and/or terrain monitoring. Two current applications are a waterborne pathogen sensor for potable water handling and an air column terrain monitoring unit for sniffing out hazardous chemical vapors.
3) R&D of analytics designed to create information and knowledge products that capture integrated terrain and weather effects and to develop predictive decision tools to exploit those products. The ultimate objective is to empower commanders, soldiers and systems with information that allows them to understand and incorporate the impacts of terrain and weather on their functional responsibilities and processes.

Alexandria is located in the D.C. metropolitan area and offers a wide variety of cultural, social, religious and sports-related activities.

ERDC-GRL employs approximately 90 personnel, and hires about 5-7 new engineers each year. This facility has many attractive features, including a campus-like setting, a great work environment, free parking, high energy people, competitive salaries, a workout facility, and it is located near numerous restaurants and shops.