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Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC)

Service or Branch: Army

Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

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STEM Fields: Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer and Computational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Information Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Operations Research, Physics

The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) is the primary DoD technical organization for non-medical chemical and biological defense. Mission - Integrate lifecycle science, engineering and operations solutions to counter CBrne threats to U.S. forces and the nation Vision - Premier resource for CBrne Solutions, uniting and informing the National Defense Community. Core Competence - Working safely with chemical and biological agents in research, engineering and operations for DoD & nation. ECBC headquarters is located at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. ECBC has two additional sites located at Pine Bluff Arsenal, Ark., and Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. ECBC fosters research, development, testing, and application of technologies for protecting our military from CB warfare agents, while leveraging its assets to assist civilian enterprise. ECBC’s contributions include CB agent detectors and warning systems, decontamination technologies, protective masks, and services in support of the nation’s demilitarization and homeland defense initiatives. The Center is staffed by a highly-trained, multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and specialists. With its talented workforce and unique infrastructure, ECBC is a national asset. In its laboratories, testing chambers, fabrication facilities, and materiel management systems, ECBC utilizes the most advanced technology, equipment, and environmental controls. ECBC’s infrastructure incorporates nearly two million square feet of laboratory, chamber, and engineering space. As a full life-cycle support organization, ECBC couples basic science with engineering and field support to put new tools in theater faster. ECBC provides a full range of chemical surety and biological materiel management services and supports homeland security initiatives through training and technical assistance programs. ECBC is also dedicated to ensuring its breakthroughs and expertise is transitioned to other government agencies, private industry, and allies throughout the world. For nearly a century, ECBC has met our nation’s needs in times of war and peace. Today, ECBC continues to serve the military and our homeland defenders, and is evolving with the world’s challenges to remain the definitive source of non-medical CB defense technology. Technical Competencies: 1.Chemistry & Bioscience of CB Warfare 2. CBRNE Materiel Acquisition 3. CB Munitions Field Operations 4. CB Analysis and Testing 5. CB Agent Handling and Surety 6. Science and Technology for the Emerging Threat