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Air Force Flight Test Center (AFTC)

Service or Branch: Air Force

Location: Edwards Air Force Base, CA

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STEM Fields: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences, Computer and Computational Sciences, Computer and Computational Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Information Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Operations Research, Physics

The Air Force Test Center mission is to conduct developmental test and evaluation of air, space and cyber systems, and provide timely, objective and accurate information to decision makers. The AFTC is headquartered at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), CA with major test and evaluation organizations at Arnold AFB, TN, Eglin AFB, FL, Holloman AFB, NM, and Edwards AFB, CA.

The AFTC directs the developmental test and evaluation of air, space and cyber systems for military services, other U.S. government agencies and international partners. Arnold Engineering Development Complex, located at Arnold AFB, Tennessee, is the most advanced and largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world. The complex operates 43 active test cells which include aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units. The 96th Test Wing, located at Eglin AFB, Florida, and Holloman AFB, New Mexico, leads the Air Force's test and evaluation of air-delivered weapons, navigation and guidance systems, command and control systems, and Air Force Special Operations Command systems. The 412th Test Wing, located at Edwards AFB, performs developmental testing of airframe, avionics, propulsion and electronic warfare systems of manned and unmanned aircraft for the Air Force, other U.S. military services and government agencies, and international partners.

Guided by the motto "Ad Inexplorata ...Toward the Unexplored", the Air Force Test Center is currently testing systems including B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, F-22A Raptor and F-35 Lightning fighter aircraft, Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle, Special Operations systems and will test future systems such as next generation fighter, B-21 bomber and next generation propulsion systems, and emerging technology areas such as hypersonics, directed energy and cybersecurity.

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