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453rd Electronic Warfare Squadron, Air Combat Command (ACC-453EWS)

Service or Branch: Air Force

Location: Lackland Air Force Base, TX

ACC-453EWS Website

STEM Fields: Electrical Engineering, Physics

The 453rd EWS provides a full spectrum of EW support to DoD and coalition warfighters. The 453 EWS provides EW support through four mission flights and also an Information Technology Support Flight, operating together to create a foundation of EW knowledge, maintain and update such knowledge, provide in-depth radio frequency and other electronic warfare analyses and create a realistic training environment for the warfighter. The 453 EWS products and services are utilized in a variety of areas, including mission planning, training, and exercises. The 453 EWS Data Flight provides the foundation of EW knowledge used by mission planners and the acquisition community through the development and maintenance of the Combat Support Database, Blue Airborne Target Signatures Database, US Electromagnetic Systems Database, Commercial Emitter Database, and the Next-Generation Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming (EWIR) Database. The 453 EWS Flagging Analysis Flight provides a 24/7 tactical comparison of "current expectations" to current reality to ensure the warfighter is prepared to deploy and operate effectively. Tactical monitoring of the worldwide threat environment is crucial to the detection and identification of new or changed threat radars that may impact the performance of aircraft EW systems. Flagging analysis provides the detection of anomalous threat operation and provides the trigger to energize the EWIR community. The 453 EWS Analysis Flight provides analyses of EW systems' performance in support of operational, acquisition, and training activities. The Improved Many-on-Many (IMOM) EW analysis tool is the most prominent part of the Analysis Flight, supporting mission planners with comprehensive EW analyses, including radar detection, threat engagement, communications jamming, ISR collection, PSYOP broadcast, and passive detection capabilities. The 453 Operations Flight provides the constructive EW environment used in generating country-specific opposing force integrated air defense system threats. Additionally, the light provides constructive (computer-based) EW target sets and various other modeling and simulation-based training scenarios to meet a wide range of warfighter training objectives. The DMO approach to training provides flexibility with respect to scenario generation and realism. The inherent flexibility of DMO allows for endless potential with respect to integration across the entire Live, Virtual, and Constructive training spectrum. The 453 EWS is looking to the future and building key partnerships to provide comprehensive EW support to the joint warfighter community as well as coalition partner countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.