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354th Engineering Squadron (354CES)

Service or Branch: Air Force

Location: Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), Fairbanks, AK

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STEM Fields: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Installation engineering squadrons at Air Force bases encompass a variety of occupational areas including engineering disciplines, architects, realty specialists, housing managers, environmental professionals, financial managers, biologists, firefighters, electricians, carpenters, painters, and more. Their mission is to maintain the base by the planning, acquiring, building, sustaining, managing, operating, and divesting of both natural and manmade infrastructure. The management of natural infrastructure assets, such as air, space, land, and water resources, ensures installations have the natural infrastructure to support current and future missions and maintain compliance with environmental requirements.

Eielson AFB is located 23 miles south of Fairbanks in central Alaska's Fairbanks North Star Borough. Fairbanks is Alaska's second largest city with approximately 35,000 residents; the entire Fairbanks North Star Borough contains approximately 85,000 people. North Pole is the nearest community to the base, located nine miles away and having approximately 1,500 residents.

The 354th Engineering Squadron at Eielson AFB is tasked with building and maintaining base facilities and infrastructure to include the execution of a $550M construction program in preparation for Eielson AFB’s mission expansion. Due to the base’s strategic location in the Pacific theater and vast range complex, Eielson AFB has become a premier training base for US and allied forces as well as a the future bed-down location for two squadrons of F-35 Lightning aircraft. These factors have allowed Eielson AFB to attain one of the largest construction budgets in the Air Force with a first-class Engineering Squadron making it all happen.

The 354th Fighter Wing, of which the 354th Engineering Squadron is a part, is the host unit at Eielson AFB, and their mission is "To prepare aviation forces for combat, deploy Airmen in support of global operations and enable the staging of forces." To accomplish that mission, the Wing implements flying operations, mission support, maintenance and medical care functions, and is host to 10 tenant units. The 354th Fighter Wing has a long and distinguished history. Since its inception in 1942, Eielson AFB flying units have seen action in World War II, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. From the skies over Germany to the sands of Iraq, the 354th Fighter Wing continues to perform with distinction.