2016 Award Statistics

Please note these are last year's figures. The profile of the award class changes year to year based on the needs of the Department of Defense.

Number of Scholars Awarded in 2017 : 239


Awarded rate out of reviewed applications: 9%


Average GPA of 2017 Scholars: 3.7

Please note that the average GPA is calculated as the scholar's cumulative GPA at their current school at the time of application.


Percentage awarded by proposed degree


Percentage Awarded by Discipline


Percentage of Applicants by Discipline


Award Data by Test Score

Please note that there is no minimum test score requirement. Test scores are part of the overall package that is reviewed.

Average SAT Scores for Awardees
Year Critical Reading Math Writing
2017 645 678 623
Average ACT Scores for Awardees
Year English Math Reading Science
2017 29 30 30 30
Average GRE Scores for Awardees
Year verbal quantitative analytical
2017 score: 156
percent: 67
score: 158
percent: 69
score: 4
percent: 61