Application Instructions

Proposed Area of Study

Proposed Academic Institution - Select the institution at which you propose to earn your SMART funded degree. The academic institution must be a regionally accredited U.S. college or university. If you are undecided, enter "Undecided."

  1. Enter all or part of the name of the institution at which you propose to earn your SMART funded degree from in the School Search box. Select the institution from the list that appears. 
  2. Indicate whether you are currently enrolled in this institution.

Proposed Academic Program - Indicate the degree for which you seek funding; your estimated date of completion of the degree for which you seek funding; and whether you are currently enrolled in the degree program for which you seek funding.

  • If "Joint Bachelor's-Master's Program" is selected, upload proof that the proposed academic institution supports the proposed joint-degree. Indicate if you are already enrolled in the joint-degree program and if not, when you will be enrolled in the program. If not already enrolled in the joint-program, indicate when you will be admitted into program. Also, indicate whether or not degrees will be awarded separately.
  • If you are enrolled in a Joint Master's-PhD Program and plan to complete the program please select PhD as your proposed degree.
  • If "PhD" is selected, indicate if you have passed your Phd qualifiers and whether or not you have advanced to candidacy.

Proposed Discipline and Subdisciplines - Select your proposed discipline from the drop-down list provided. Next, specify your subdisciplines within that discipline and the name of your Academic Program.

  1. Discipline - You should select the discipline to which your particular course of study is most closely related. If you are uncertain as to which discipline is most appropriate, consult with your academic advisor. Panels reserve the right to forward an application to another discipline for further consideration if they judge that doing so may increase your chances of being selected for an award.
  • If "Operations Research" or "Industrial and Systems Engineering" is selected, upload PDF of degree curriculum. The curriculum will be evaluated to ensure degree qualifies for SMART funding.
  1. Subdisciplines- Select your subdisciplines from the drop-down list provided. If not listed, please use the Sub Discipline (Other) text box.
  2. Name of Academic Program/Major- Please list the official name of your academic program or Major. For example, if your applying under the discipline of "Computer and Computational Science" but the name of your program at your school is "Theoretical Computer Science" please list "Theoretical Computer Science" in this field.