Application Instructions

Awards and Honors

Enter all scholarships, academic honors, scientific or engineering student leadership roles, honorary societies, and any other recognition relevant to your field since entering college. All awards and honors granted by the U.S. Government should have the "Federal Award" box checked, with the agency granting the award specified in the description, such as NASA or the NSF. It is strongly recommended that you group similar awards together. For example, list together all awards that directly derive from your grade point average such as Dean's List recognition.

  1. Add new award or honor - Enter the name of the award, the date received, whether it is a federal award or not, and a brief description of the award. Click "Save this award/honor."
  2. Edit/delete award or honor - Click the appropriate link beneath the item you wish to edit or delete and make the changes or confirm the deletion.
  3. If you do not have any awards to report, indicate this by clicking on the "No awards or honors to report" check box and then the "Save" button.