Government Employees

The DoD is interested in helping current government employees further their education and continue their careers as part of the DoD Science and Technology (S&T) workforce. For the most part, current DoD employees, if selected, will remain employed by their current organization as retention awardees. Such applicants will be required to submit contact information for their current employer and a letter from their supervisor acknowledging that he/she is aware that the applicant is applying for funding under the SMART Program.

There may be situations where a current DoD employee wants to leave the organization he/she is employed by and pursue work with another DoD service or agency. Retention applicants will be prompted to designate whether they intend to remain with their current employer or are seeking work elsewhere in the DoD.

If awarded, Federal employees not currently employed by the DoD must leave their current positions and accept full-time employment with the DoD after graduation.

*SMART will only fund technical degrees. Current government employees are welcome to apply to advance their degrees, however, the SMART program will not fund any type of management or non-technical degrees, this applies for both current government employees and non-government applicants.