Active Duty Military & Reservists

Active duty military members who wish to apply for the SMART scholarship must be honorably separated or begin terminal leave on or before August 1, 2018 to be eligible. Reserve and National Guard members are eligible to apply.

If a Participant is called to active duty, he/she will be granted a leave of absence from the scholarship. Upon release from active duty, the Participant will be reinstated in the Program so long as Congressional funding is available at that time.

Applicants who will not separate but will begin terminal leave on or before August 1, 2018 and are selected as award finalists will be required to provide the following documents to the SMART Program at the time of award:

1. Separation/Retirement Orders;
2. Terminal Leave Form; and
3. Written statement from Commanding Officer confirming that the applicant is currently slated for honorable separation or retirement

Failure to timely provide these forms will result in withdrawal from further consideration.

After separation is complete, these applicants must also provide the SMART Program with a copy of the DD-214 establishing honorable separation. If the DD-214 reflects a discharge other than honorable, the individual is subject to dismissal from the Program and may be required to repay any and all funds expended on his/her behalf.

Current ROTC participants with a future service commitment are not eligible to apply.

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