Post-Graduation Employment Placement

Upon selection, awardees are assigned to a DoD facility where he/she will be expected to serve as a summer intern and complete a period of post-graduation employment service as a DoD civilian.

Upon selection, awardees sign the SMART Service Agreement (please note this is the 2017 agreement and that future agreements are subject to change). The employment obligation to the DoD civilian Science and Technology (S&T) workforce upon graduation is a one-to-one commitment. For each academic year of a Participant's award, he/she is required to commit to one year (12 months) of civilian employment with the DoD. Participants who fail to comply with the degree completion and conferral time lines on their application will be required to provide an increased ratio of post-graduation service to length of award. Students will be placed in DoD facilities in civilian positions and must be geographically mobile for placement following graduation.

If a Participant fails to properly complete the post-graduation service commitment, he/she will be responsible for the prompt reimbursement of any and all funds expended under the Program by the U.S. Government on behalf of the Participant.

Students may select up to three (3) preferred DoD facilities for placement. Every effort will be made to place awardees with one of their identified preferences, but such placement is not guaranteed. All awardees are notified of their placement upon award notification.

A partial list of participating organizations can be found on the Sponsoring Facilities page. Updates to this list will be made periodically.